The Life of a Web Page that was Stumbled Upon

The guys from StumbleUpon recently released this very interesting info-graphic about the (social) life or a page that was shared on StumbleUpon.

These are some of the things I find very interesting:

1. At the end of summer, StumbleUpon had 50.3% of the social media market share in the US, while Twitter only got 3.2%.

That’s great, but how many of these visits were bounces?

2. After 24 hours, a popular link will get no more retweets, very little Facebook likes and almost the double of  “stumbles”. But what does that really mean?

Does it mean that people stumble get to it just because they’re there to see what’s out there, again, and a again for an average of 69 minutes, but don’t review the content critically and can’t find anything worth sharing?

3. The average stumble page view lasts for 72 seconds, which, they say, is 25% more than the time spend on an average we page. That shouldn’t be surprising at all, if we think StumbleUpon is theoretically a curated version of the content available online. Offered to you based on your interests.

Full info-graphic below

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